Available courses

Foundations for Family Centered Practice - Virtual Classroom Winter 2022

No new enrollment.  This course is available to previously enrolled students only. 

Safe and Together: Introduction to the Model - 2022

Welcome to the Safe and Together E-Learning suite of training.  Thank you for your interest.  In o...

FOUNDATIONS ONLINE for Caregivers (New Version 6-30-21)

Course closed to new enrollments until 10/17/22.  Previously enrollees continue. 

Orientation for Kin and Foster Caregivers (FY 22- Present)

For those interested in becoming a licensed kinship or foster caregiver.  

Preventing and Overcoming Secondary Traumatic Stress Through Awareness and Self-Care [FY22]

Once you click the link above, a list of the training sections will appear. Click each of those sect...

Just in Time: Intro to Residential Licensing and Special Investigations (RLSI)

A brief introduction into the work of RLSI - Residential Licensing and Special Investigations

Just in Time: Intro to the Child and Family Supports (CFS) Contract

A brief introduction for FSWs about the Child and Family Services (CFS) contract and ideas for teami...